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April 29, 2005 Press Conference and Protest at City Hall


Parents Statement read by Mr. Sony Isac:



Thank you for the report on the investigation (although we believe its findings to be incomplete).

Thank you to Chancellor Klein and Deputy Mayor Walcott for the direct apology to the parents and the children (although somewhat late).

When do we say thank you for a new principal at PS 34 that our children deserve? Will the Mayor and Chancellor Klein provide excellence for all?

Ms. Pauline Shakespeare must be removed.

Many of her statements in the report are contradictory. A crime of verbal abuse and coporal punishment was committed at PS 34. Ms. Shakespeare failed to report anything and participated in a cover up. What principal knows nothing about what's going on in her school?

Ms. Shakespeare has failed to provide the leadership necessary:

To ensure the safety of our children, to provide an atmosphere of respect where all children can learn and succeed without fear, an environment where all staff respect the population they serve, especially in such a multicultural community. All during this incident she has created an atmosphere of division among the staff.

Not once has she shown any caring for the children regardin this incident. Her words for the day were constant insinuations to intimidate: honesty, justice, and fairness. On the day of the parents protest in front of the school, the word of the day was "exaggeration". Students report that she interviewed them several times attempting to have them change their stories,

We cannot accept a principal in our school who is disrespectful of the students, parents, and the community. We demand a higher standard of leadership of our school. This school school deserves a leadership team that is trustworthy, has a proven record of successful multicultural education, respect for diversity, and dedication to excellence for all, knowledgable of city, state, and federal regulations and can unify the entire school community.



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