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Abuse at PS 34
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Abuse of Haitian Children at PS 34
in Queens Village, New York

Support us by contacting the following people to express your outrage and echo our demand:

Tell them the Dept. of Education Investigator's Report Gets an "F"

We demand no less than the firing of both, Ms. Nancy Miller and Ms. Pauline Shakespeare. We don't want them transferred to another school where they can continue to abuse other children and promote discrimination. Once their employment status with the Dept. of Education is terminated and they are replaced, Haitian parents are prepared to work together with the new school leadership to improve our children's learning environment at PS 34.

Call EVERYONE to spread the word and fax this sheet to all Press contacts
For more Information: Call 718-464-6068

Download flyers on the case:

Read Articles which appeared in the press:

Response from the New York City Department of Education:

New York City Department of Education Report on the PS 34 issue

Other sites which are discussing this issue:
Discussions on HaitiXchange Website
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Pou kontake nou:
Tel: 718-907-0484
Drapo nou tèt anba paske peyi a okipe. Se responsabilite Ayisyen pou drese drapo Desalin nan.
Our flag is upside down because our country is under foreign occupation. Haitians must remedy this situation.