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We welcome you to "Lakou New York"

"Lakou New York" reporter talking to PS 34 students in Queens Village (Click for more info and pictures)

Lakou New York is a grassroots initiative to bring alternative news, interviews, and news analysis to the New York area Haitian community and beyond. We work to give voice and to amplify the voices of those who have always been marginalized. "Lakou New York" does not claim to be an objective source of information. We stand on the side of the masses of the Haitian people and the poor and marginalized all over the world who as much as they are being oppressed fight every day to create another world. We challenge our community to assume their responsibility which is the challenge of the Haitian Revolution.

Besides the information available here on our web site, you can listen to our radio program which is aired daily on Radyo Pa Nou Monday to Friday from 1 to 2pm. The program is retransmitted on Radio Haiti in Philadelphia. We also host a special 2 hour program for the Radio Haiti audience which is aired on Wednesday nights from 10pm to 12 midnight.

Listen to "Lakou New York", encourage you family and friends to listen, and encourage Haitian radio stations in your area to contact us so they can retransmit the program. To receive our regular email list bulletins, share your opinion with us or ask any question send us an email at the link below:

Pou kontake nou:
Tel: 718-907-0484
Drapo nou tèt anba paske peyi a okipe. Se responsabilite Ayisyen pou drese drapo Desalin nan.
Our flag is upside down because our country is under foreign occupation. Haitians must remedy this situation.